Korean practice deck

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Word difficulty score

A word difficulty score means different things based on the value:

The lower the average word difficulty score, the better.

Note that the history may be periodically erased by an administrator so that adaptive quizes are more useful for users. The average calculated word difficulty score will return to one.

Troublesome words

These are the words currently shown in adaptive learning mode with the highest 2ord difficulty scores. Note these may change with each answered question!

  1. 소바 (difficulty score of 79): See definition
  2. 안녕히 계세요 (difficulty score of 76): See definition
  3. (difficulty score of 74): See definition
  4. 학교 (difficulty score of 94): See definition
  5. 볶이 (difficulty score of 78): See definition
  6. (difficulty score of 95): See definition
  7. 수박 (difficulty score of 77): See definition
  8. 남자친구 (difficulty score of 69): See definition
  9. 숙제 (difficulty score of 110): See definition
  10. 잘지내셨어요? (difficulty score of 68): See definition

Highest word score dump:

110 95 94 79 78 77 76 74 69 68